Four Wheel Drive & AWD


De Jonge Mechanical Repairs love for 4WDing means we provide the best service, modifications & accessory installation for your 4WD.  We understand the way you use your vehicle & why there are some things which need to be treated differently on a vehicle that gets the kind of rough treatment its going to receive.
Our 4WD service includes:-

  • Test drive
  • Safety stop brake test & report
  •  65 Point Vehicle Inspection report (including:- visual check on brakes, steering, suspension, cooling system, tyres, differential / gear oils, check lights, horn, washer jet & wiper operations) & report on your cars overall mechanical condition.
  • Engine flush (safely removes accumulated amounts of varnish, sludge and by-products of combustion - premium synthetic blend that contains special detergents and dispersants and NO harmful solvents that will damage seals & gaskets).
  • Change engine oil, filter, sump plug washer & grease (ie. Wheel bearings, tail shaft etc.)
  • Auto-tech diagnostic tune-up (spark plugs, fuel & air filters, ignition timing check / adjustment) if required.
  • Grease suspension & drivelines
  • Inspect fan belts & radiator hoses
  • Check & top up of all other fluid levels
  • Add windscreen washer additive to washer bottle
  • Replace light globes (if required)
  • Battery load test & charging system test
  • Any faults found outside the above, we will always contact you before fixing!!!

Specialist Car Services