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The why of Efi diagnostics...

Test - Don't Guess… In today's complex, computer controlled vehicles, accurate EFI Diagnosis is essential.

"Hit or Miss" approaches to fuel injection repairs result in lost time, high repair bills and dissatisfaction. The expense of maintaining your vehicle means that guessing is not good enough!! You need your car repaired properly the first time.

Diagnostics can help save fuel, money and the environment. A well-tuned engine operating in accordance to the manufacturer's specifications is a fuel efficient engine. Fuel economy and low emissions go hand in hand and both benefit the environment in their own fashion. With the fuel prices that they are today, it doesn't take long to realise significant savings from improved mileage in any vehicle.

Diagnostics Are Preventative. Even though your vehicle may appear to be running OK, broken or non-specified components can cause high emissions, poor driveability and poor fuel economy. Correct diagnosis can help determine if one or more components are defective and require adjustment, repair or replacement. Regular diagnosis makes sense don't you think?

When you bring your vehicle to De Jonge Mechanical, this is what we do;

  • Perform on-board computer testing specific to that make and model of vehicle to ensure the vehicle's engine management system is functioning correctly.
  • Perform a complete test of the vehicle's engine system to spot functions and components that are 'out-of-spec'.
  • Check the fuel pressure and flow rates.
  • Pin-point the problem areas using the oscilloscope and various other diagnostic equipment;
  • Re-test the vehicle after repairs are carried out to confirm that the vehicle's engine is operating to the manufacturer's specifications.

Electronic Fuel Injection The Electronic Fuel Injection system fitted to most modern vehicles combines sophisticated computer controls with a high pressure fuel delivery system to provide optimum power and fuel efficiency. The system is controlled by an Electronic Control Unit (ECU). These systems often have in excess of thirty different engine and emission sensors all sending information continually to the ECU.

The ECU then monitors the information from the sensors to ensure the correct amount of fuel and air is used to provide optimum fuel efficiency and performance and also to minimise exhaust emissions. EFI problems can be caused by dirty fuel or a blocked injector. Sometimes the fault has to be found somewhere within the EFI system using advanced diagnostic tools. Common symptoms include; poor fuel economy, backfiring, 'running on' when the car is turned off and rough idling.

Regular system maintenance helps ensure peak efficiency. Remember that a tune up or service is maintenance for your vehicle and not a repair for a specific fault within an EFI system. Please ensure you advise De Jonge Mechanical if you are experiencing any particular fault or problem as we are fully trained to carry out a complete EFI service and restore your engine back to its peak running condition using quality components from leading manufacturers such as Bosch and Injectronics.

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