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Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Service

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Service in Albany

As the price of petrol and diesel continues to rise at an alarming rate the idea of owning a vehicle that runs on alternative fuels is one that is gaining a lot of interest.

EV’s (Electric Vehicles) are are a relatively new addition to West Australian roads, however it is generally expected that as technology and infrastructure develops, the number of electric and hybrid models available will quickly increase. De Jonge Mechanical Repairs mechanics have undergone specific training to ensure they are fully up to date with the latest advances in electric and hybrid vehicle technology to ensure we keep pace with this growing segment of the car service industry.

Just like older petrol or diesel driven vehicles, electric and hybrid vehicle require a regular service to keep them operating in optimal condition. De Jonge Mechanical Repairs have the skills and equipment to provide service and repairs to a large range of electric and hybrid vehicles in our Albany workshop.

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