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Does clunking go with your territory?

Differential bushings could be the issue if they are aged, worn or cracked. They control movement in the joints, absorb road bumps and reduce vibrations and noise while driving or reversing. These are one of many automotive issue we can handle at De Jonge Mechanical Repairs, your trusted local mechanic in Albany.

It is fair to say that the Ford Territory and Falcon are two of the most popular vehicles on Australian roads. Both of these models are prone to high rates of wear in some rear suspension components, such as the rear differential bushing. This is particularly apparent on vehicles that have travelled high kilometres, have high horsepower or vehicles towing loads regularly.

A tell-tale sign that this bushing is no longer performing as intended is hearing a clunking noise or feeling a jolt under acceleration or when shifting gears from drive to reverse. The primary function of the rear differential bushing is to provide a smooth and quiet transfer of power from the engine to the rear wheels of your vehicle under acceleration.

Should this issue go unresolved it may result in excessive wear on surrounding drive train and suspension components so it is wise and economical to act swiftly should you be experiencing any of these symptoms.

Your local Repco Authorised Service Centre De Jonge Mechanical Repairs in Albany is experienced in diagnosing and fixing this problem. We can replace your worn rubber differential bushing with a highly durable Nolathane differential bushing specifically designed and manufactured to address this problem and return your vehicle back to its optimum performance.

So, if “clunking” goes with your Territory or Falcon, contact the team at De Jonge Mechanical Repairs today.

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